Sen. Tom Buford (R) Has Prefiled a Bill to Amend KRS 311.856 to Give PAs Modified Prescriptive Authority to Prescribe Schedule II-V Controlled Substances

Sen. Tom Buford (R-Nicholasville) has prefiled a bill (BR 226) to amend the current legislation in KRS 311.856 to give PAs modified prescriptive authority to prescribe schedule II-V controlled substances. Modified prescriptive authority is a reasonable means of providing PAs, in collaboration with their supervisory physicians, a way to maximize their effectiveness and quality of patient care. It would also create more professional parity to be competitive with other non-physician, advanced practice providers.

Every PA matters and we need your support and the support of your supervising physicians! Visit KAPA’s PA Prescriptive Authority webpage for more information on how you can show your support and get the word out about this important proposed legislation. This webpage is updated frequently as more information becomes available so make sure you visit it often.

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