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KY Statutes & Regulations

Kentucky Revised Statutes

KRS 189.456

Temporary Accessible Parking Placards

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KRS 202A.011

Qualified Mental Health Providers

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KRS 311.840

Definitions for KRS 311.840 to 311.862

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KRS 311.842

Administrative regulations - Physicians Assistant Advisory Committee - Physician assistant students

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KRS 311.844

Licensing of physician assistants - Requirements - Endorsement from other states - Renewal of license

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KRS 311.845

Temporary licensing of physician assistants - Cancellation

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KRS 311.846

Examination - Educational and training programs

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KRS 311.848

Medical emergency - Approval of additional physician assistants - Emergency permit

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KRS 311.850

Discipline of physician assistants

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KRS 111.852

Emergency order issued by inquiry panel suspending, limiting, or restricting license

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KRS 311.854

Approval of supervising physician - Requirements - Application - Number of assistants - Restriction on practice and supervision

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KRS 311.856

Duties of supervising physician

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KRS 311.858

Services and procedures that may be performed by physician assistant.

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KRS 311.860

Services performed in location separate from supervising physician - Nonseparate from supervising physician - Nonseparate location - Definition and exceptions

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KRS 311.862

Practice as anesthesiology assistant

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Kentucky Administrative Regulations - KARs

201 KAR 9:084

Fee schedule regarding physician assistants

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