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Happy PA Week!

  • PA week is officially Oct. 6-12 and we hope you will join us this week in celebrating.
  • PA week is a great time to promote our profession and educate others about Physician Assistants.
  • This year KAPA has posted large and small posters all around Kentucky in hospitals and clinics in recognition of PA week.
  • If you do not see a KAPA PA week poster this week in your office or hospital please take a moment and print out the poster from AAPA and post it in as many places as you can.
  • I would love for other health care workers and patients to be discussing PA week because of the posters they keep seeing everywhere around the state.
  • PA week will also be promoted nationally-take a moment to watch or record the Today's show on Tuesday, Oct. 8 as there will be PAs on promoting PA week. Click here for more information.
  • Also, help us to promote PA week via social media by telling others about PA week and sending them information to promote it.
  • As Physician Assistants we have so much to be proud of in our profession, help us to promote ourselves and also do something nice for another PA this week to recognize them!

Virginia L. Valentin, MCMS, PA-C
President of the Kentucky Academy of Physician Assistants

Kentucky Academy of Physician Assistants
446 East High Street, Suite 10, Lexington, KY 40507
Phone: 859-977-7452

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