Kentucky Academy of Physician Assistances
May 25, 2021
AAPA House of Delegates Update
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AAPA House of Delegates Votes to Change Profession Title to Physician Associate

On May 24th 2021, the AAPA House of Delegates passed a resolution affirming “Physician Associate” as the official title for the PA profession. This marks the beginning of an exciting process involving changes at both the federal and state levels. This vote followed a formal study conducted by AAPA on the issue over the past several years.

We at KAPA want to assure you that we will be working closely with the AAPA to make this transition as smooth as possible. Our government affairs committee and board of directors will be tasked with developing an implementation strategy for updating Kentucky statute to reflect the new title. However, until these statutory and regulator changes have been made it is inappropriate for PAs to hold themselves out as “physician associates”.

Now is the time for us to come together as Kentucky PAs regardless of name preference, specialty, or time constraints. The changes required will be taxing on KAPA’s committee members, many of whom serve multiple committees, the board of directors, and still juggle work and family. I humbly ask each of you to join us as active KAPA members and commit to helping us navigate the long road ahead. Consider sharing your time, talent, or treasure with your colleagues, the profession, and our PA students preparing to enter the workforce.

Ashley Sparks, MSPAS, PA-C
KAPA President-Elect