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Breaking News: AMA Reference Committee releases amended resolution

from AAPA

American Medical Association House of Delegates Reference Committee B just released its recommendations on Report 16, and what was a resolution with a very expansive definition of surgery and invasive procedure has now been limited to only apply to "invasive pain management procedures." You can read the full report here. AAPA leadership will now be conferring with PAs who work in pain management. Nothing becomes official AMA policy until the afternoon of June 19 when the HOD adjourns.

The PA voice was heard in this process with the reference committee stating, "Your Reference Committee heard the concerns raised, including those related to the practice of physician assistants in physician-led healthcare teams, and believes the proffered amendments address these concerns."

Thanks to all of our constituent organization leaders, AAPA liaisons and individual PAs who voiced their concerns to physicians. The full power of the profession was brought to bear on this issue and many physician leaders spoke up to oppose the initial resolution.

AAPA will be in the HOD until it adjourns and will continue to post any breaking news and updates on AAPA's Facebook page. If you have any questions please contact Ann Davis, PA-C, MS, Senior Director of Constituent Organization Outreach & Advocacy, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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