The Kentucky Academy of Physician Assistants (KAPA) serves the needs of PAs and PA students who work or reside in the state of Kentucky. KAPA's website serves its members and the public by providing a forum for services and ideas designed to strengthen and promote the PA profession throughout Kentucky. KAPA will strive to publicize the contributions of PAs to patients, employers, and policy makers. As the voice and advocate of PAs in Kentucky, KAPA promotes continuing education for its members, provides PA employment information to PAs and physicians, and strengthens the role of PAs by supporting and encouraging membership in KAPA.

Message from the KAPA President


KAPA will strive to:
  • Promote the physician assistant profession and physician assistant students to maximize the benefit of their services to the public
  • Facilitate uniform entry level and continued competency of physician assistants
  • Encourage membership to render quality service to the health professions and to the public
  • Develop, sponsor, and evaluate continuing medical or medically-related education programs for physician assistants
  • Assist in the development of role definition for the physician assistant profession
  • Develop, coordinate, and participate in studies having an impact, either directly or indirectly, on the physician assistant profession
  • Serve as a public information center with respect to the physician assistant profession

Legislative Update

SB41 has been signed by Governor Beshear. KAPA applauds the quality of the job that KAPA lobbyists, sponsors, participants on PA day, and influential PAs have done to educate legislators about this issue. 

It's amazing what we can do together. Starting June 1, 2014:

  1. The 18-month restriction for newly graduated PAs will be eliminated completely.
  2. Ten percent of chart notes will need to be co-signed by supervising physicians and no co-signature will be required prior to initiation of PA orders.

We need you to spread the word. Make sure that your office administrators and hospital administrations know about this change. KAPA will send notices to big employers but we need you to make sure this information gets to the relevant people at your place of employment.

KAPA members, thank you for financing this successful effort and making calls. Every dollar counts and we make every effort to be good stewards of your dues. Non-members thanks for your calls. Join the movement. We have some momentum; we would love for you to be part of the process.

Special thanks to Senator Tom Buford of Nicholasville, and Representative Denver Butler of Louisville for sponsoring our bill and guiding it through their respective houses. I am amazed at the ability of the KAPA leadership for remaining focused on improving PA practice and patient care in our state. Together we can accomplish much more.

Isaac Caton, M.S., PA-C
KAPA Government Affairs Chair