KAPA Works for You!

KAPA is continuously working to make changes and developments in areas that benefit members and all PAs in Kentucky. Below are just a few of the recent things KAPA has accomplished:
  • Changing our headquarters management in August 2014 to Agentis Management, Inc., a Lexington-based association management company, with the skillset to help KAPA provide more valuable services and resources to PA members
  • Moving the annual 2014 KAPA CME symposium to downtown Lexington at the Hilton Hotel
  • Developing a Student Track tailored specifically to students’ needs at the annual KAPA CME Symposium
  • Sponsoring monthly CME dinners through the Physician Liaison program at the University of Kentucky
  • Sponsoring KAPA regional dinners across the state to provide medication information, share KAPA news and provide networking opportunities for members
  • Educating communities and promoting Physician Assistants during National PA Week with expanded media coverage and coordination across the state
  • Improving the KAPA website with significantly more resources and information provided to members and employers (additional changes coming to the website at the KAPA CME in November 2014)
  • Developing a webinar for the Kentucky Academy of Family Physicians educating Family Physicians on the background and benefits of hiring a PA (compliments of Immediate Past President Virginia Valentin)
  • Starting a Mentoring Program for pre-PA students in the state to help coordinate shadowing opportunities
  • Starting Career Central on the KAPA website to assist in job searches for PAs across the state
  • Representing KY PAs at the AAPA House of Delegates
  • Representing KY PAs at the AAPA CORE Leadership Conference
  • Providing a resource to state employers to answer questions regarding hiring and employing a PA
  • Providing a resource for members and all PAs to answer questions regarding licensing and practice in the state