KAPA New & Returning Members

KAPA extends a warm welcome to new members!

  • Jamie Brown (Fellow)
  • Sarah Chandler (Pre-PA Student)
  • Lara Gannon (Fellow)
  • Heath Gibson (Pre-PA Student)
  • Jennifer Hitt (Fellow)
  • Jessica Post (Pre-PA Student)
  • Jodine Messina (Fellow)
  • Asia Rivers (Pre-PA Student)
  • Whitney Tackett (Fellow)
  • Brittnee Young (Pre-PA Student)

And continued thanks to our renewing members!

  • Andrew Appelman (Fellow)
  • Tamara Bennett (Fellow)
  • Kimberly Bromagen (Fellow)
  • Kristi Hall (Fellow)
  • Brandice Harrison (Fellow)
  • Brittney Howard (Fellow)
  • Amanda Murphy (Fellow)
  • Lindsey Parker (Fellow)

Includes members who joined or renewed in June - July 2014.