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KAPA Launches Board of Directors Internship Program

The KAPA Board of Directors (BOD) Internship Program has been established to offer KAPA members, students and physician assistants the opportunity to serve under various BOD members for one year in order to gain understanding of responsibilities of KAPA BOD members while encouraging future participation with the KAPA BOD. The KAPA BOD Internship will accept applications from July 1 through August 1 each year. The KAPA BOD Intern will be selected by August 31, begin the internship on September 1 and serve as an intern until September the following calendar year. A maximum of two interns will be chosen each year.

The Intern will rotate between each of the following KAPA BOD member positions over the course of one year; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director at Large, AAPA HOD Chief Delegate, Central Region Director, Eastern Region Director and Western Region Director. At least one month will be spent with each position. The remaining 1-2 months of the internship will be spent with a BOD Member of the intern’s choosing. The KAPA BOD Intern will assist each BOD Member with any and all responsibilities of a particular position. The intern will also attend KAPA BOD meetings, interact with KAPA committee chairs, committee members and other KAPA members throughout the duration of the internship. The KAPA BOD Intern will be expected to attend AAPA’s Leadership and Policy Summit. Registration fee and partial travel costs will be paid by KAPA.

Click here to download the BOD Internship Application.

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