The Kentucky Academy of Physician Assistants has several committees. Below are the descriptions of each.
All association members are invited to get involved!

If you are interested in joining a committee or other volunteer opportunities, please complete the KAPA Member Volunteer Opportunities Form.

Constitution and Bylaws/Nominations and Elections Committee

Chair: Ed Sorace, PA-C, Interim

The Constitution and Bylaws/Nominations and Elections Committee shall recommend amendments or changes to the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures Manual that are required or recommended to keep them current. The Committee shall also recommend any additional policies or revisions to existing policies and shall help solicit volunteers for each office to be voted on at the annual meeting.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Committee

Chair: Christina Thurston, PA-C
Cardiovascular Medicine
University of Kentucky Healthcare
Lexington, KY

This committee, along with the administrative manager, shall set up the Annual KAPA CME Symposium. This includes developing lecture topics, securing speakers, organizing the location of the CME rooms, luncheons, lectures and exhibit tables and presenting this to the membership as outlined in the KAPA Policies & Procedures Manual.

Governmental Affairs Committee

Andrew Rutherford, PA-C
Lexington VA Medical Center
Lexington, KY
  Michael Stanley, PA-C
Samson Hospital
Glasgow, KY

The Governmental Affairs Committee shall be responsible for monitoring all legislative and regulatory changes introduced to the Kentucky General Assembly. The Committee shall coordinate chapter support of national advocacy initiatives.

Membership Committee

Chair: Melissa Mason, PA-C
Baptist Health Louisville
Louisville, KY

The Membership Committee shall assist with membership retention and recruitment activities.

Leadership and Mentoring Committee

Chair: Vacant

The Leadership and Mentoring Committee shall aid Pre-PA student members in finding mentors (job shadowing), oversee the election of the KAPA Student Representative to the Board of Directors, help new PA graduates establish networking and connections with experienced PAs, and aid all KAPA members with challenges that arise in area of networking and mentoring.

Newsletter Committee

Chair: Jenna Foushee, PA-C,
Louisville, KY

The Newsletter Committee shall act as newsletter editor and will be in charge of collecting information from board members and committee chairpersons, as well as articles from other members.

Public Education Committee

Chair: Vacant
The Public Education Committee shall be responsible to assist the KAPA with any and all public announcements or educational programs to enhance the public’s understanding and acceptance of physician assistants.